One Thing a Day

One Thing a Day…

You always hear people telling you to do what scares you, it will only make you stronger.  Or one of my favorites when I was 10-years-old trying to learn a back-dive off the diving board “Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back.”     Truthfully, I never understood what it meant, but I like it because the lifeguard said it…and it rhymed.

This “Do One thing a day that scares you” is something that we talk about a lot at work.  It was my motto on Worst Cooks in America as well as my life in my recovery.   We all need to ask ourselves two important questions:  1.  What scares me?  2. (and most importantly) Why?

 On any given day I can think of a whole slew of things that scare me:  snakes, rats, roaches, spiders…but those are not things you can DO to face your fears.  Heights, planes, boats – these are all things you can do or attempt and once you do them, you realize it was never that big of a deal.  The things that have scared me the most in my life don’t seem like fears to a lot of people.

I faced a lot of these fears at Remuda Ranch.   One aspect of the treatment is to feed you, normal size portions, teach you what a healthy diet looks like, so you can re-learn how to eat and have a healthy relationship with food.

I remember the first 4 days vividly.  Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.   Day after day after day…I was terrified.  I hadn’t eaten a whole meal in weeks before I checked in.   After those first four days I was positive I gained weight, that I looked terrible and that even my sweats wouldn’t fit anymore. (Right.)   We were weighed everyday.  Stripped down into nothing but a paper thin sheet and stood on a scale where we couldn’t see the numbers.   The nurse weighed me, looked at me, looked back down at her sheet and smiled.  I said, voice trembling, eyes flooding with tears, “how much did I gain?   Just tell me.”   She rolled her eyes.  She put the clipboard down, grabbed onto my shoulders and got right into my face:  “you’ve lost 4 pounds.”

My metabolism had finally started again and it proved, that eating food will help you maintain weight.   I needed more – so I had lost.  That was when I realized eating shouldn’t be something scary.  I wasn’t eating salads at every meal either:  pancakes with syrup and butter, coffee with cream, bacon (yes – even bacon), hamburgers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta…you name it.   I faced my fear of these foods – trusted that God had more in plan for me than ‘dying skinny’ and ate.  Guess what – it worked.   After that they changed my plan:  breakfast, supplement, snack, supplement, lunch, supplement, snack, supplement, dinner, supplement, snack, supplement.   Healthy weight came back on and I gradually made it back to a healthy body again.

I wanted to write about this today because this next week is a very important one for me.  It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  The goal is to create awareness and offer venues where people can recognize their disorder, their friend or family member’s disorder and get help!   It’s a growing epidemic in this country and because of our society’s standards to be thin, no one wants to get help.  You can learn more about this week by clicking the NEDA tab on the menu.

This next week, February 26th – March 3rd, I’m going to do something again that I did last year and had a lot of success.  Every night of the week I’m going to cook, bake or eat some previous “fear food” that I used to have.  Whether it’s pizza, pasta, chocolate chip cookies…you name it.    But the idea is to create awareness and comfort in that it’s OKAY to enjoy these foods on a regular basis.  It’s not going to be easy – even for me at this point in my recovery I still struggle to order a cheeseburger – and if I do, I can’t order the fries.   Not to worry – My fiancé orders very well and I usually eat half of his.

I’d like to invite you to join me in this week – please write me, tell me what you’d like to see me cook or send me some of your pictures of you participating in the week.  Reply here or send it to me using the Contact Me button!

The campaign slogan is “EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY” and it’s true.  I’ve talked to many of you that have affirmed that.

So in doing one thing that scares you, whether it’s food related, putting on a swimsuit, bungee jumping, skydiving, dancing…WHATEVER…try it.   I know you’ll be rewarded when you realize your fear was nothing to be afraid of at all.

The verse that got me through every single thing I was terrified of is one that’s probably familiar to most of you:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

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I am from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I currently live in Naples, Florida with my husband, David.
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